The Radiocarbon Laboratory
Since 1995, the Japan based Paleo Lab has provided radiocarbon dating services for researchers worldwide, and over 30,000 of unique and diverse samples have been measured from Asia and the United States.

Until its cooperation with Antique Authentication, Paleo Lab's focus has been predominantly academic and research based working with with archaeological and geological samples for universities, research institutes, local governments and museums in Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and the US.  Their highly qualified team of scientists and technicians are engaged in research in a range of topics including archaeology, geology, anthropology, paleontology, architectural history, environmental studies and hydrology, as well as with the certification of industrial materials.  A few of their clients include: Chinese Academy of Science (China), Seoul National University (Korea), Mokpo National University Museum (Korea), University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Kyushu University, Nagoya University, Waseda University, Keio University and the University of Arizona.

In Asia (with the exception of Japan and Korea), Antique Authentication is the sole representative for the radiocarbon dating of antiquities samples for Paleo Lab Radiocarbon Laboratory.

The C14 Laboratory
What can be C14 tested
How is it done
Measuring by AMS
The Results
Inside the atomic particle accelerator that is the heart of the radiocarbon dating system.